October is National Physical Therapy Month –  a time to celebrate the profession and all the ways physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and PT and PTA students help improve lives across the country. As we celebrate the last day, we look at the many ways in why #ChoosingPT can be beneficial, not just in October, but every day:

  1. Physical Therapy can remove the need for surgery: Physical Therapy can keep a person from requiring invasive surgery through hands-on care, education, and prescribed movement.
  2. Manage your pain: Understanding how pain works is a key strategy in managing it. Physical therapists have studied and trained to help people understand their pain and manage pain without the risks of opioid use.
  3. Choose better health: Physical therapy can be used to treat and recover from a variety of conditions. More than anything, physical therapists create a customized health plan for your needs.

If pain or a condition is holding you back, contact your physical therapist.