Investing in the Correct Athletic Footwear to Avoid Injury

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Whether you’re working from home or are slowly returning to your office, working on a computer for long hours can take a toll on our bodies. In either scenario, movement is an important aspect to incorporate to tackle the continued effects of working on a computer screen for countless hours. Before you incorporate a moderate [...]

How to Tell If You Have a Concussion

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Any injury to the head can be serious. But how do you know if you’ve suffered a concussion? That word does sound a little scary. A concussion is classified as a “mild” traumatic brain injury. However, anything where the head is concerned should be taken seriously. A slip and fall or a car accident can [...]

Should You Use Ice or Heat For An Injury?

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You’ve just finished playing a couple of sets of tennis. You get home, and your elbow starts hurting when you turn the door knob? You’re not sure what happened, and it looks a little swollen. Is it time to ice, or should you apply heat? Good question. Both will help reduce the pain, but which [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Injuries When Working Out

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Working out to get in shape or stay in shape? That’s great! Your body will start feeling better, and so will your mind. Just be careful! Doing exercises incorrectly or not warming up properly can keep you out of action for weeks, maybe months. If you haven’t worked out for a while, or you’re trying [...]

5 Causes of Lower Back Pain and Ways to Avoid It

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Back pain is one of the world’s leading disabilities. In fact, lower back pain is something that almost all people experience at some point in their lives. It doesn’t discriminate against sex, age, nationality, education or occupation. The interesting thing about back pain is that it stems from several different causes.