This COVID-19 lockdown might seem like an eternity. But it’s only been a few weeks.

Are you feeling a little bored? Have you had enough of the “new normal”? Have you officially become a couch potato?

While our routines may have changed, this does bring opportunity. Don’t waste this time. Start a hobby you’ve always thought about trying. Or finish a project that you keep saying you’ll get around to.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Just because you had to temporarily stop going to physical therapy doesn’t mean you need to wait for the world to start moving again to feel better.

Whether you’re rehabbing from an injury, trying to manage your arthritis or just looking get back some mobility, you can’t afford to wait for your scheduled appointment to do your exercising. That’s not an option for the short-term.

Your physical therapist will always tell you that you need to do some exercises at home in-between sessions. So now that you don’t have those sessions to rely on, get off the couch and let’s do something about it.

Exercising At Home

In addition to the exercises you were already doing before we all got confined, there are other ways to stay active and improve your mobility.

Simple indoor exercises – you don’t need any of the equipment found at the gym or physical therapist office. Find an open space against a wall, an open area on the floor – maybe with a yoga mat, a chair and a set of stairs. Just like that you can do most of your stretches and simple exercises. Just remember to start slow if it’s been a few weeks since you last worked out.

Older exercise equipment – do you have an old treadmill that you’ve been using to hang clothing? Time to clear it off and plug it in. You can even walk or jog while binge watching your latest favorite show. Who said you can’t multi-task?

Get outside – the weather is getting nicer, and there’s plenty of room in the great outdoors to practice social distancing. The fresh air and sunshine alone can be quite beneficial to your mental as well as your physical well-being. Now you can go for a walk or jog at whatever pace feels comfortable. Maybe dust off that bike and go for a ride.

The internet – yes, the internet. YouTube is full of videos showing all different types of exercises. You can search for how to rehab from injuries, how to stay in shape and which stretches help for certain aches and pains. Maybe get into yoga or Pilates. If something doesn’t feel like it’s helping or is causing any kind of pain, then try something else. The idea here is to help you improve, not create new injuries.


Whatever you decide to do while we’re stuck at home, make sure to include exercise in your routine. Your body requires movement now more than ever. Sitting around watching TV and constantly eating can lead to new physical problems as well as allow existing issues to get worse.

You can tailor your new exercise routine to your abilities and build up slowly. Or you can continue the exercises you’ve already learned in physical therapy to rehab an injury or manage pain.

And don’t forget about the great outdoors as these days start to warm up! That way you can vary your exercises depending on the weather which will also keep your routine from getting boring.

We will all get through this COVID-19 lockdown. Let’s feel even better about ourselves and our physical well-being when it’s time to go back to the “old normal.”