To all of the athletes out there: Don’t underestimate the power of a great physical therapist. PT not only provides the right tools to bounce back from an injury at a faster rate, but even more so, they offer the in depth resources to prevent injury, whether small or large, from occuring in the first place! Former NBA All-Star, Kobe Bryant, has frequented physical therapy to heal from a torn ACL, as well as knee, ankle and shoulder injuries. According to the Phoenix Physical Rehabilitation Therapy for Life and Wellbeing, Bryant relied on Dr. Judy Seto, Physical Therapist to the Lakers, to also inform him of new scientific breakthroughs to help improve his capabilities. Other major athletes that seek out physical therapy include Former NFL quarterback, Payton Manning, and NBA point guard, Derrick Rose.

In order for you to reach your highest athletic potential, our team of expert physical therapists have provdied 4 top recommendations for all athletes to adhere to, no matter what level you are currently at:

If you want to remain pain and injury free as you get older and keep performing low to high intense workouts, then putting emphasis on flexibility and strength is a key for preventing unwanted issues. It’s no surprise that the older we get, weakness and inflexibility tend to cause stress and strain on muscles, ligaments and tendons. Being intentional with prioritizing stretching after a workout will be a major benefit for years to come.

Find a good pre-sport warm up to fire up your muscles and nerves to prepare for the work out that is ahead. This will decrease the risk of injury and fatigue because your body will start to communicate, rather then shocking your system by jumping into a big workout. Try jogging for 10 minutes to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. And you’ll never go wrong with a good stretch before as well.

It may go against our natural inclination, but by incorporating more rest into your routines, you body will sustain greater longevity in endurance sports. Rest helps your body recover, and when we prioritize it, we become better athletes. Trust us, your body will thank you for taking a day off from intense fitness.

This may seem obvious, but many athletes don’t recognize the value of increasing your water intake when training. The more hydrated your muscles are, the better you perform. It also helps regulate your blood pressure, so your heart doesn’t have to work twice hard, and reduces fatigue.

Physical therapy provides invaluable knowledge and therapeutic expertise to bring us back to full strength from an injury and often, take us beyond our limitations. Integrating PT into your fitness training will help you take strides to reaching your athletic goals, without sacrificing the future health of your body. Our team at Apex Physical Therapy can partner with you to conduct a proper physical examination for accurate findings of your physical state and develop a personalized routine to incorporate into your training to enhance your fitness levels and increase longevity, while remaining injury free.  Whether it’s a small change, or completely reimagining your routine, we are here to help you be the best athlete possible.

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