The best thing you could do for your body is to not ignore it’s warning signs! If you have pain or discomfort that limits your daily activities like walking up and down stairs, getting in and out of bed, getting in and out of a car, or even just putting on your shirt, then you may benefit from physical therapy. Just as well, a physical therapist can not only help determine the underlying cause of your discomfort, as well as offer a treatment plan that will lead you to recovery.

Check out some of the signs and symptoms that may be telling you it’s time to meet with a physical therapist!

If you’ve just experienced sudden trauma or an injury, it is important to prioritize healing as soon as possible in order to prevent it from getting worse down the road, and the potential for surgery. Muscle tears, broken bones, or an accident can lead to long term issues.

Muscle soreness after a workout is normal, but if you’re experiencing pain after resting for a few days and applying the R.I.C.E. practice, then chances are you have a more serious issue at hand. Learn more about the difference between soreness and pain in our Apex Physical Therapy article, “The Difference Between Soreness and Pain and How to Treat Both.”

While we recommend leveraging physical therapy to avoid opioids to treat pain at all costs, however, sometimes your doctor will prescribe pain medication to help manage any discomfort. If the pain continues even after using pain relievers, it may be time to seek out help from a physical therapist.

Typically, dull pain can be easily treated with an ice pack and rest. However, if you are experiencing centralized sharp pain, this may be a warning sign of an injury, stress factor or muscle strain. Letting the issue go unaddressed can lead to long-term issues. However, a Physical Therapist can get to the root cause and offer the best pat to healing straight away.

You know your body best and can tell if something is off or has changed, especially when it comes to experiencing pain. Don’t wait to seek the counsel of a physical therapist to determine any root causes of injury.

At Apex Physical Therapy, we are determined to find the source of your problem in order to provide the best-personalized treatment program that will get you up and moving again in as little time as possible. These are just some of the ways that a physical therapist can help you return to your active lifestyle.

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