The golf swing…. A mechanical motion that is anything but simple. Whether you’re a beginner, budding professional, or a true veteran to the course, you are susceptible to potential damage to your body. While golf may not be the most high contact sport, physical therapy is considered to be one of the best ways to help golfer’s mobility, flexibility, motion control and core strength to maximize their golf swing, as well as prevent bodily injury.

The key to a strong golf swing and a strong body is mobility, flexibility and strength. Mobility is the degree to which a joint is allowed to move smoothly without any restrictions by surrounding tissues. Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to stretch or lengthen. Therefore, to hit a golf ball well, far and consistently, the golfer needs to be able to have a wide range of motion, flexible and strong muscles.

Another key ingredient to a good swing, is control over the hips and limbs. According to Sarah Jensen, Engineer and guest contributor at MIT, good control and proper stance throughout the golf swing, while keeping the clubface at an optimal angle that allows the body to rotate through a trajectory will increase the chances of precision and velocity. Essentially, in order to make the little ball go where you want it to, you need to have special control over your hips and limbs. With the right physical therapy practices, any golfer can train to have control and balance over their hips to properly strike the ball every time.

Core strength is a foundational necessity to any golfer in order to swing well and prevent injury. Without it, your body will not only fall in and out of the right alignment when trying to hit with precision, but your weight will also shift unsteadily, leaving the body more vulnerable to injury. With the proper exercises, a golfer can to fine tune their body’s core to strengthen abdomen and lower back muscles to build a stronger swing and barrier to injury.


Mobility, flexibility, motion control and strength are the foundations to a strong swing that will keep your handicap low and body withstanding injury. The benefit of working with a physical therapist is that together you can analyze your swing and create a personalized fitness and recovery program that will help you make the right mechanical changes to maximize your game while reducing the risk of injury.

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