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I’ve been going to Dr. Patel for over two months now and absolutely love her detailed attention to my and others’ treatments. She is hands on and even though it might not seem like she’s observing you, she is. She is constantly correcting incorrect posture during an exercise and increasing the level of difficulty after an evaluation of my neck. She pushes me to my fullest potential, according to how my neck and lower back respond. Her staff are warm and welcoming and very encouraging throughout the process.

Overall, I’m extremely glad that I was recommended to this PT office and with Dr. Patel’s help, can finally begin to resume normal activities, like going back to work full time. I’m far from being “completely” healed, but with Dr. Patel’s guidance, I’ll gain back my full functionality of my neck and back, prior to my accident.

Claudia F.

I highly recommend Dr. Patel and her staff at Apex physical therapy. As soon as I came in I felt welcomed. They are all professional, yet friendly, and make you feel like you are part of the Apex family right as you arrive. Dr. Patel is an amazing physical therapist, extremely knowledgeable, very attentive to her patients’ issues, and really is caring about each individual person like he or she is the only one in the room. I came to her after a serious neck surgery and she not only made sure to treat my physical disability and provide me with the proper exercise, but she also encouraged me to keep on going and not to give up. Dr. Patel and her staff were very happy for me when I finally “graduated” from PT and hugged me and wished me luck. I will miss them (not the pain though).

Thank you so much!

Rachel L.

I agree with other reviews and strongly recommend Dr. Patel (PT) as well. She is very knowledgable, caring and friendly. You would never find her rushing during your treatment and she gives more than 100% to every patient. With her help, I was able to eliminate my neck spasm, correct my posture during neck and upper body exercises. I have tried other PT offices in Plainview/Hicksville area, but this one beats everyone in many ways because you get to work with her during every visit unlike other offices. Give her a try if you ever need physical therapy. You will be super pleased as I was!!!

Prince G.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I had shoulder surgery over the summer and was referred to Dr. Patel for intense physical therapy. My surgeon warned me that it would take at least six months to fully recover. After seeing Dr. Patel, I have fully recovered in three months! She is amazing, attentive, personable, and caring! I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from pain. My husband is one of those who I recommended. He was suffering from severe sciatica and was referred to a pain management doctor. He decided to try physical therapy before his appointment to receive injections. Within two months, he was back to being pain free and was able to cancel his appointment for pain management. Dr. Patel has truly restored our quality of life.

Thank you so very much,
Helen & John

Sinead H.

I wish I had found this place earlier. i wasted my time and money going to next step physical therapy where he was not ready to treat for my shoulder pain at all. even after asking for simple exercises for my knees and shoulders, he refused. simply he told me to go to planet fitness. then i found Apex and Rachna started treating me for my arthritis knees, neck and shoulders. in the beginning I wasn’t able to lift my left arm at all or even lift a 2 lb weight. but slowly with the exercises and stretching, now i feel much better and able to do a lot of things with my left arm and can lift it completely up straight without any pain and can even lift upto 5 lb weight easily. i used to limp most of the time bcoz of my knee pains. but now with strengthening exercises I don’t remember limping from almost 2 months now.

I am so glad that i found this place and Rachna is a great person to work with. never had any problem with my appointments, and never had to wait in the waiting room for my turn.

I just walk in at my appt time and get treated and come out. and very flexible timings to make an appointment too. Love this place.


Rachna Patel, PT, DPT is, in my eyes, a miracle worker. When I told her my situation, she saw it as a challenge. That’s the type of personality she has. She’s eager to make you feel better and gives you 110% of her effort. The work that she does is absolute quality.

My story goes like this. For the past three years, I suffered from hip and lower back pain. My pain was so severe that I could hardly sit! Prior to meeting Dr. Patel, I had been to two other physical therapy practices, a chiropractor, a back doctor, and a hip doctor to seek treatment for my pain. No one was able to help to provide me with a solution to my problem. I was just considered to be a unique case by many, and was not offered much hope. In fact, my hip doctor told me that I would need to tolerate the pain for the rest of my life because nothing could be done to help me (what a jerk!!!). I had to resort to weekly injections to help cope with the pain. At this point, I had all but given up on trying to find ways to relieve my pain, and I felt destined to suffer.

It was my excellent doctor of osteopathy, Dr. Francis Unson, who showed me that I still had options and hope. Dr. Unson was instrumental in recommending that I give physical therapy another try. Despite my skepticism, I trusted his judgement. Dr. Patel is nothing like the other physical therapists that worked with me. Her overall knowledge of the muscular groups and how they interact with one another is astounding. I showed her the spots where I had pain, and she proceeded to analyze me as if I were a case study. She poked, twisted, and bent me to find the approach which she felt best fit my unique pain. She took the time to explain each stretch and exercise to ensure that I was doing them properly. Being that my pain continued to occur over the course of three years, the amount of stretches and exercises that is required for me is pretty substantial. The time it takes me to perform everything can be a while. However, I’ve never once felt rushed or hurried to leave her office in order to make room for other patients. Dr. Patel has created a warm friendly environment where patients can feel comfortable working at their pace. Thanks to Dr. Patel’s I’m now pain free and enjoying life again!

Michael F.
I have been a patient at Apex Physical Therapy for two months now. There are not enough words to express how satisfied I have been with the care and professionalism Rachna Patel and her staff have shown to me. She is extremely compassionate, patient, thorough and dedicated. I have never felt rushed or pushed off to the side. With each passing session, it is apparent that I am making great strides in improving shoulder mobility. Rachna sets a goal, offers advice and makes sure I leave each time feeling positive.
Hrisanthi K.